Locksmith Training

Locksmith training for is provided via the NNAL for both the complete novice as well as those locksmiths who wish to further develop their locksmithing skills.

Following successful completion of the novice course each delegate gains the status of associate locksmith which demonstrates a specific level of lock opening skills. Further advanced training is then available taking the delegate from associate member through to accredited member of the network.

Each level of competency is explained under the membership heading. In conjunction the NNAL member may wish to specialise in either automotive locksmithing or safe engineering (please read details below)..

The cost of the 8 day ‘hands-on’ intensive course is £2017 (inc VAT). This package price includes locksmith tools , 12months FREE subscription to our technical helpline, membership to the NNAL, as well as 12 months FREE subscription to our lock ID bulletin update. Training is undertaken by the approved training providers ‘1st Call Lockouts Ltd’.


The locksmith school is a purpose built facility to ensure each delegate receives the optimum amount of time learning the skills in a ‘hands on’ enviroment.

Each instructor will give technical demonstrations and thoroughly explain each technique shown. The delegate will then be observed by the instructor(s) and helped and advised to ensure a good picking technique is acheived.


For further information or to book onto a course:-

Tel: 0121 459 8722 or visit the website at www.1stcalllockouts.co.uk

Download links for the 2013 locksmith brochures :-

  • FASTTRACK Locksmith Course – 8 Days
  • Automotive Locksmith Course – 8 Days

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