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locked out of house

Undertaking work using a competent NNAL locksmith will ensure the latest locksmith techniques will be used to gain entry into your property with the minimum of fuss, damage and time. NNAL engineers carry a range of locks that will enable you to replace your security products and ensure peace of mind.

lost house key

NNAL locksmiths can replace your Yale type lock and mortice locks 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No need to worry about your insurance claim, ask them for the latest British Standard security product to be fitted to either door or window today. Don’t worry just call today.

replacing cylinder

Contact your local NNAL locksmith and arrange for a convenient time for your locks to be changed or upgraded to insurance rated security locks. A variety of options will be offered from UPVC locks where you can select from UPVC cylinders with and without thumb-turns, break secure, anti drill, bump resistant and a mixture of the afore mentioned. Your NNAL locksmith will help you choose what suits you and your property security needs, all at the correct budget.

mortice lock

NNAL locksmiths will fit 2, 3, 5 and 6 lever British standard mortice locks to wooden and composite doors to ensure you meet the current insurance rated standards. Booking an appointment with an NNAL locksmith will give you competitive pricing and the locksmith will give you options such as a deadlock (for doors with an existing night latch) or a mortice sash lock, where handles can also be fitted. Select & call from the locksmith directory today and discuss your needs.

failed locking mechanism

UPVC doors, or commonly known as plastic doors, can have issues where the constant expansion/contraction of the plastic can cause the lock to fail. Other reasons can include, the door has dropped on its hinges, a physical attack against the door, or simply ‘wear and tear’. Whatever the problem will be the NNAL locksmith will diagnose what has failed on your door and simply replace or repair the UPVC strip lock mechanism.

With hundreds of different types of mechanisms on the market place today, the locksmith might make arrangements to complete a temporary repair while the part is ordered. With you, the customer in mind, the job will be completed in the fastest possible time with your safety & security as a priority.

key cutting

Whether it’s a replacement door key for a ‘yale’ type lock or a mortice lock, all of our NNAL locksmiths will be able to cut your spare keys on site and ensure you’re happy with the service. If you believe you have restricted or registered keys you should contact the locksmith first to verify he/she is able to cut the requested key. The NNAL locksmith should be able to advise you of your best options.

door security

With crime increasing, especially theft from vehicles & homes it is always worth considering secondary security. So if you have a window, door or even a garden shed that seems vulnerable to you against thieves then give an NNAL locksmith a call today and he can help you with a security survey of your property. Examples for your home can include, security door chains, spy holes, hasp & staples on garage and shed doors, sash jammers on UPVC doors etc to name but a few.

window security

24 hour locksmith

Lost your keys, been a victim of crime, or desperately need the locks changed? Whatever you’re emergency, then call an NNAL locksmith today. Some of our NNAL members run a 24 hour locksmith service, 7 days a week. It means that if you need a locksmith in an emergency, our members are there to help you out no matter what time it is!

When you’re in a crisis and your personal security has been compromised please call and let us help. We can talk to your insurance company on your behalf and supply the necessary quotations, or invoice paperwork, to minimise your stress & support you when you need help the most.

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